This Month’s Top Picks

This Month’s Top Picks


What’s your gut feeling?

A diverse microflora plays an important role in the development and function of all the bodily systems. The use of live bacteria supplements could be considered as part of a maintenance plan to support a balanced gut flora. Bio-Kult is a scientifically developed, advanced multi-strain formulation containing 14 live bacterial cultures which are proven to survive the high acidity of the stomach. Bio-Kult does not need to be refrigerated and can be taken alongside antibiotics, by when pregnant, by vegetarians and as part of a healthy diet.
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Intimate Health

Bio-Kult Pro-Cyan is an advanced triple action formulation containing cranberry extract and two specifically selected strains of live bacteria, which are proven to survive the acidity of the stomach. Bio-Kult Pro-Cyan also contains vitamin A, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system and the maintenance of mucous membranes which can be found lining the urinary tract. Bio-Kult Pro-Cyan does not need to be refrigerated and is suitable for vegetarians.
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Natural Sleep from Helios

Helios Sleep contains four homeopathic remedies, Avena Sativa, Coffea, Passiflora and Valarian.  This combination has a long history of traditional use for the temporary relief of sleep disturbances, whether you have difficulty getting off to sleep or wake frequently during the night. Being natural, Helios Sleep is safe, gentle and without any known side effects and comes in organic, sucrose pill form in our easy to use single dose dispenser.


UT Answer D-Mannose & Cranberry

Nature’s Answer brings you the benefits of D-Mannose, Cranberries and Vitamin C in their unique UT Answer blend. Concentrated and alcohol-free, designed to help support Women’s urinary tract health. D-Mannose and Cranberries work as a ‘dynamic duo’ in this fast acting 3-day regimen. Suitable for ongoing-support, this vegan formula is free from artificial sugars, preservatives and sweeteners. Produced by Nature’s Answer in a family-owned & operated certified organic facility with a tradition that you can trust.

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PHYTOCID is a natural digestive support, containing a unique blend of concentrated. “Phyto-Actives” of Turmeric and Ginger. Turmeric is known to relieve from indigestion symptoms such as fullness or flatulence and Ginger, has shown to have anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidant properties. Developed using AlchemLife’s proprietary PhytoAdvance™ technology. This Technology is an end-to-end, “farm to pharmacy” method of plant extraction inspired by ancient understandings of traditional medicine. PhytoCid is clinically tested and free from the side effects associated with conventional pharmaceuticals.



Period Game Changer

Mooncup® is the original, multi-award-winning menstrual cup.  Designed by women and made in the UK to the highest quality standards, the reusable Mooncup offers an end to the plastic waste, discomfort and expense of traditional disposable sanitary protection.  With nearly 20 years’ experience supporting customers to make the switch to healthier, greener and cheaper periods.  Their exemplary advice service is run by medical health professionals.  As the leading menstrual cup brand Mooncup® has been tried and trusted by millions worldwide. Thanks to Mooncup® users over 2.7 billion tampons and pads have been diverted from the waste stream.


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