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A.Vogel Immune Support

Immune health has never been more important. To give you some extra support, True Health has teamed up with A.Vogel to give 20 readers a months’ supply of its Immune Support tablets. Immune Support is an excellent source of vegan vitamin D, vitamin C, nasturtium and zinc, all of which help to support the normal function of the immune system in a convenient, one a day dose. Suitable for those aged 12-plus.

Try it: We have 20 to give away.


Nutri Advanced MegaMag Kids + Teens

MegaMag Kids + Teens is Nutri Advanced’s most recent development from its best-selling MegaMag magnesium powders. The first of the range to be targeted specifically at this age group, it combines key nutrients to support learning, memory and concentration, as well as feelings of calm. It includes magnesium glycinate to support a healthy nervous system and to aid the ability to reason and think, as well as vitamin B5, which supports normal mental performance. Crucially, Nutri Advanced has also chosen to add an innovative lemon balm extract called Bluenesse, which has been studied for its effects on mental focus, concentration, memory and positive mood.

Try it: We have 25 to give away.


Bio-Kult Brighten

Have you heard about the latest product, Bio-Kult Brighten? With the same great original 14 strains, it’s been designed to bring out your inner smile. With added vitamins B6 and B12, it contributes to normal psychological function, as well as the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. It also contains vitamin D and zinc, which, alongside vitamins B6 and B12, contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Enter to win a pack of Bio-Kult Brighten and a fantastic gratitude diary.

Try it: We have one to give away.

Aguulp for Gut

Aguulp is a gut health supplement brand, aiming to help people be their best self, physically and mentally. Aguulp for Gut is a prebiotic designed to take daily to feed your gut bacteria and contribute towards a happy gut and a happy life. True Health is giving readers the chance of winning one of four one-month supplies of Aguulp for Gut.

Try it: We have four one-month supplies to give away.

October/November 2021

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