Women can ‘go with the flow’ thanks to new wellbeing journal

Women can ‘go with the flow’ thanks to new wellbeing journal

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A new wellbeing journal has launched, designed to empower women by heightening their awareness of their emotions, creativity and energy throughout their menstrual cycle, seasons and lunar phases.

Women’s therapist, menstrual cycle & menopause educator Susanna Guest, (50) has helped hundreds of clients to live a life more in tune with their natural cycle through a combination of coaching, retreats and workshops. Now, she has collaborated with her friend and client, Liz Berwick (41) to create The Wild Wisdom Journal for menstrual cycle awareness, menopause support and wellbeing.

Described by others as “a beautifully crafted journal and an anchor” and “a gift everyone should give to herself”, The Wild Wisdom journal is designed for daily use for 12 months. It includes sections for daily menstrual cycle tracking, a week to view journal, inspirational prompts, a guide to the lunar phases, seasonal intention setting, a yearly overview and space for ‘creation and dreaming’. The journal is for women with or without a menstrual cycle, and for women going through menopause.

Liz and Susanna feel passionately about living in alignment with both inner and outer cycles and empowering other women to do that too. Susanna explains: “Liz and I are both very experienced at exploring our cycle shifts and bringing that cyclical living – the ebbs and flows – into our life and businesses. We use journals but we both felt that the journal we really needed and wanted, didn’t exist yet. So, we created it and the feedback so far has been amazing!”

Co-creator Liz explains: “Understanding the different phases of my cycle and living life and work more in sync with those, has been such an empowering process. With 3 businesses to run, 2 young children and the challenges the pandemic has thrown at us all, being in tune with myself, my energy and natural cycle has been important. It has helped me be all the things I need to be, do all the things I need to do, but at a more sustainable pace, compared to pushing myself all the time. It has given me space to reflect and process emotions in a healthy way that feels powerful and enlightening. And that is what we have created for others, with the Wild Wisdom Journal.”

Priced at £25, the journal can be purchased at www.wildwisdomjournal.co.uk.

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