New Baby Earol Provides Clinically Proven Wax Removal

New Baby Earol Provides Clinically Proven Wax Removal

New mums everywhere can rejoice with the launch of new Baby Earol, which is clinically proven to naturally remove ear wax in babies.

With over 15 years’ of experience in providing effective ear wax removal solutions, Earol has created this new product for babies over the age of six months, used to soften and naturally release ear wax safely. In a handy spray format, it provides a metered dose of 0.05ml of olive oil straight in the ear canal.

Baby Earol contains a blend of natural ingredients such as pharmaceutical grade olive oil, making it a pure and clean way to soften ear wax and safely remove it.

With babies’ safety in mind, the patented design with tapered actuator makes it impossible to insert it too far into the ear canal. So, you can be reassured this is a gentle way to remove ear wax, without damaging your child’s ears.

Hilary Harkin, who leads an ear care clinic at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, comments: “Baby Earol has improved our ability to manage wax in babies and has reduced the number of problems we used to see in ears before the use of the Baby Earol spray. Any implement used to clean the ear such as a cotton bud can cause damage to the delicate ears, but one spray of Baby Earol can help the ear to naturally expel the wax. Generally one spray in each ear, once a week can help reduce itchy ears and reduce problems with ear wax”.

Baby Earol is available now at £6.50 for 10ml, which provides approximately 180 doses. Find out more at


Disclaimer: Baby Earol® spray should be used as directed by Pharmacist, Audiologist, Doctor or Nurse.


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