Salt of the Earth – Rock Chick Sweet Strawberry Natural Deodorant

Salt of the Earth – Rock Chick Sweet Strawberry Natural Deodorant

Salt of the Earth was adopted by mother and son team, Sally and Thomas Laird, in 2005, and has since become a leader in the natural deodorant industry, starting with a single crystal stick and developing to a multi award-winning product range.

Having tested their deodorants for men and women before, this time I had the delight of testing out their new product specifically designed for girls – Rock Chick Sweet Strawberries! I absolutely adore the packaging and so did my youngest sister, who is 12 years old. The bright red bottle adorned with little stars, ‘rock chick’ label and the cute little strawberry on the lid is really fun and makes the product appeal to the younger generation.

This bold natural deodorant works as a spray, so it’s unlike a roll-on (which doesn’t appeal to my little sis) or a traditional aerosol, which blast you with thick white cloud. This is like squirting on a bottle of perfume, which is unusual at first but after a few applications seems normal! My sister found it easy to use and actually preferred the fact that it squirted out.

The scent is truly amazing, as soon as the liquid leaves the bottle you are hit by the delicious sweet scent of strawberries. It’s absolutely gorgeous and my sister loved it! Now that she’s going through the tricky time of puberty, she’s normally self-conscious about sweat and smell, but this product really put her at ease and made her feel confident.

The deodorant dries really quickly and leaves no white marks, not even on dark clothing. My sister tried it for two weeks and said it offered her the same protection as traditional deodorants, lasting all day long.

The big selling point is obviously the fact that it’s completely natural and free from synthetic chemicals, so it’s gentle on young skin. It’s also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and for those aged six and above. Fantastic product, we would both recommend – whether you’re an adult or kid!

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