Natural Bathroom Cabinet

Natural Bathroom Cabinet

Swap your usual toiletries this spring for these natural alternatives picked by our expert Janey Lee Grace

Spring is almost here, meaning it’s time for a good old spring clean! It’s also a time when we often resolve to adopt better habits in our personal care. Is there something you have been putting off for ages? Have you been meaning to try out a natural deodorant? Or swap your usual skincare for natural versions? Maybe like me you need to actually book that dental appointment or visit to the hygienist!

An easy resolution is to swap some of the toiletries in your bathroom cabinet for more natural alternatives. Here are a few suggestions of the basics, all of them are totally natural and don’t cause further harm to the planet!

Choose bamboo
Keep your whites pearly with a sustainable bamboo toothbrush. This charcoal infused version has a handle made from sustainably grown, ethically sourced bamboo – one of mother nature’s fastest growing grasses. It’s fully biodegradable and has activated charcoal infused recyclable bristles. They are slightly abrasive, helping to fade stains and absorb tannins to help your teeth glow. Of course, activated charcoal has been used for centuries to detoxify the mouth and brighten smiles, it provides antiseptic qualities to fight bacteria and has anti-inflammatory qualities to soothe gums.

Don’t forget to floss!
You can also get charcoal infused vegan dental floss. Most dentists recommend flossing every evening to prevent bad breath and bleeding gums. This vegan floss is a better alternative to conventional floss, and it will last three months if you use it daily.  It contains peppermint essential oil so leaves your mouth feeling fresh.

Opt for a natural toothpaste
Talking pearly whites, there are now lots of natural toothpastes available to buy. Most independent health stores have at least three brands to choose from, with and without fluoride, but don’t forget it’s easy to make your own!

Basic toothpaste recipe:

  • One tablespoon baking soda
  • One tablespoon raw organic extra virgin coconut oil
  • Five drops of essential oil (peppermint works well)
  • You can also add a tiny amount of fine sea salt but go easy as it can be abrasive.

Mix together in a small bowl, such as a ramekin dish, to form a kind of paste. You can increase quantities, but it is best made fresh every couple of days. It tastes ok and is cheap and effective!

Look after dry lips
Your lips have three to four cellular layers compared to 16 to 20 on the rest of your body and, particularly at this time of the year, they need to be protected, nourished and healed. Try the Scence lips balms which are packed with super hydrating organic ingredients: jojoba oil, illipe and mango butter to smooth and soothe, and something called ‘myrica’ wax which seals in the moisture to offer that protective layer. There are three flavours: bitter orange, peppeminty and black peppery, plus one which is fragrance free.

Use a sustainable soap
Grab yourself some sustainable soaps from Holy Lama. The base for all the soaps is cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil and they are moulded by hand into attractive round soap bars. They have great long-lasting fragrances which come from unique combinations of essential oils, known to help balance mind, body and soul, using ancient Ayurvedic principles. They don’t crack or go mushy like many soaps do.

Natural moisturiser
This is one area where it’s imperative to go natural! Alongside their natural lubricants, Yes Yes Yes have a vaginal moisturiser that is designed to release water where needed and is from ingredients that are gentle and healthy for your body. Importantly, its a non-hormonal and oestrogen-free moisturiser and can help to alleviate irritation, itching and burning. It’s also good for helping to prevent thrush. And it’s condom compatible.

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