Green People – Holiday Sun Starter Pack

Green People – Holiday Sun Starter Pack

‘Green People sun care delivers the power of nature in this trio of moisture-binding products that are fortified with phyto actives to protect, soothe and balance the skin.’ 

Green People has recently launched a range of ‘starter packs’, cute little boxes featuring products from their different ranges. This summer I tested their Holiday Sun Starter Pack, which includes three 30ml bottles of their SPF15 Sun Cream, SPF30 Sun Cream and Hydrating After Sun.

I love the fact that they are 30ml bottles, the perfect travel size for hand luggage and to carry around in your handbag.

I first try the SPF15 Sun Cream, which is made from 87% organic ingredients, is water repellent, non-greasy and non-irritating. It protects against UVA and UVB rays, plus features lots of antioxidant, natural ingredients, including edelweiss, aloe vera, green tea, marshmallow and avocado. The SPF15 also includes natural tan accelerator, which speeds up the tanning process by 25% and reduces fading by 50%. It has a pleasant smell and rubs in easily and not only does it protect skin from the sun’s rays, but it’s also super moisturising.

The SPF30 Sun Cream has a different formula to the SPF15, it is scent free with no tan accelerator – but still contains all the antioxidant ingredients listed above. It’s still non-greasy, non-irritating and water repellent, but has 84% organic ingredients. On application it’s just like the SPF15, with just the right consistency and is absorbed really easily, leaving the skin soft and moisturised. It offers high protection that’s perfect for sensitive skin.

The pack also contains Green People’s Hydrating After Sun. This contains the highest level of organic ingredients out of the three products, with 94% of those used as organic. It has a really refreshing mint scent and instantly cools and calms the skin on application. It’s packed with lots of nourishing natural ingredients, including sunflower seed oil, olive oil, chamomile, calendula, apricot oil, aloe vera and rosemary, and the gorgeous smell is thanks to the peppermint and lavender oils used.

Considering one 30ml bottle is £6.50, this Starter Pack priced at £14.50 is great value for money and ideal to try all three products out before purchasing the larger, more expensive bottles.

Be aware that 30ml is approximately one full body application, so these are only suitable for one-use – but are the perfect size to carry around to ‘top up’ your sun cream protection throughout the day on those sunburn-prone areas (like your cheeks, nose and shoulders)! 


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