Faith in Nature’s New Dragonfruit and Turmeric & Lemon Ranges

Faith in Nature’s New Dragonfruit and Turmeric & Lemon Ranges

Faith in Nature recently launched two new ranges, which focus on the active ‘superfood’ ingredients of turmeric and dragon fruit.

The Turmeric & Lemon range includes shampoo, conditioner and body wash. All of the same products are available in the Dragon Fruit range, plus hand wash too. I was lucky enough to be sent bottles of the shampoo, conditioner and body wash from both ranges to try.

On first inspection, I absolutely adored the product packaging and was impressed that the two new ranges are in keeping with the rest of the Faith in Nature range in that they are free from parabens and SLS, made with 100 percent natural fragrances, made with essential oils, and are cruelty free and vegan friendly.

I first tried the Dragon Fruit range, starting with the shampoo. As soon as I poured it into my hands I was hit with a burst of fruity fragrance – the entire range smells truly amazing, fresh, fruity and exotic. The shampoo foamed and applied easily, the conditioner offered the same burst of aroma and coated my hair with ease, and the body wash was my favourite – it was truly a great way to start the day by smothering it all over and again this foamed up and applied easily, which was a surprise as many natural varieties don’t.

I was left pleased after my shower too, my hair felt soft, smooth and super shiny once dry and I was really impressed that my skin felt soft and nourished. The body wash didn’t upset my sensitive skin or dry it out (which often happens with my extremely dry skin!)

I was just as impressed with the Turmeric & Lemon range. All the products foamed and applied easily, and smell gorgeous offering a punch of spicy citrus scent, which is really awakening. I like the fact that this range includes turmeric too, it’s an ingredient that has been used on the skin in India for years and is known for its antioxidant properties.

All the products in both ranges are high quality, packed with fragrance and are made with 99% natural origin ingredients. They are also really good value, priced at £5.79 each for a huge bottle (apart from the hand wash, which is £4.39). What’s not to love?

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