Ben & Anna launch world-first poly potato deodorant creams

Ben & Anna launch world-first poly potato deodorant creams

Sustainable brand Ben & Anna has launched a new range of natural deodorant creams, in innovative world-first poly potato packaging.

This environmentally-friendly potato packaging is 100 per cent natural, fully compostable and is made with potato starch (a by-product of the potato industry), plus paper and natural fibres. The packaging will compost naturally after a few weeks, and can easily be disposed of in your compost, paper or organic waste bin.

The two deodorant creams, Love Me and Green Balance, are ‘the most sustainable deodorant on the market’ according to the brand, due to being packaged in the new potato starch packaging.

The new deodorant creams offer a plastic-free alternative to conventional deodorants and feature natural ingredients such as shea butter and nourishing oils, which gently care for your armpits.

Love Me – with exotic floral fragrance
The exotic floral fragrance of Love Me enchants your senses. The unique formula contains only finely ground bicarbonate of soda, which naturally reduces germs and bacteria to effectively prevent odour formation. This natural effectiveness ensures that you are reliably protected from moisture and unpleasant odours.

Love Me is not only characterised by its effectiveness, but also by its light, creamy texture that is absorbed without leaving any residue. Nourishing shea butter and valuable vegetable oils pamper your armpit skin with a delicate, creamy consistency that is neither greasy nor sticky.

Green Balance – for sensitive skin
This extraordinary deodorant combines softness and freshness to create a refresh for the senses. Thanks to the active ingredient magnesium complex, Green Balance is characterised by its gentle and effective prevention of odour, even on sensitive skin.

The light cream is absorbed without leaving any residue or stickiness and leaves a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Combined with nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and valuable vegetable oils, your skin is pampered and moisturised.

The new PolyPotato Deodorant Creams are available now from, at a price of £8.95.

About Ben & Anna
Ben & Anna is a certified cruelty-free and vegan natural beauty brand created in 2017. As passionate vegans they set out to create a brand that was cruelty-free, vegan, natural and sustainable. Their products are certified by NATRUE as containing natural ingredients which are not only kind to the skin but the planet too. They support creative projects to make our world more liveable and healthier for everyone. Full range information available online at

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