Green People Spice & Root Hand Cream

Green People Spice & Root Hand Cream

After a long hard winter with bitter cold and blowing winds, spring is finally here with temperatures soaring this week. It’s that time of year (if not a month late) where we dig out our short sleeve tops and denim shorts from under the bed to get that all-important vitamin D.

Spice & Root, Ginger & Lemongrass hand cream from Green People is helping to nourish my dry hands and bring them back to life by making them silky smooth. This pampering, botanical hand cream gift is enriched with a spiced citrus aroma and provides powerful hydration for my dry, chapped and sensitive hands, which have spent months hidden away indoors.

The 30ml tube fits neatly in my bag and whenever I feel the need to use it, a pea size amount does the job. Its subtle white, maroon and occasional splash of black and silver makes the package appear simplistic but expensive and isn’t too garish to not want to be seen using it!

One of the hand creams ingredients is organic shea butter that delivers deep natural nourishment and I can also smell the shea butter coming through the aromas of spice and ginger. The smell gives me a warm feeling and unlike other hand creams at the same price, it is not oily and doesn’t leave my hands feeling slippery and wet.

Green People stick to their word when they call themselves ‘the true pioneers of organic beauty’ and have provided another product that is kind to your skin – and what’s even better is that it is suitable for those who may be prone to eczema and psoriasis.

Priced at only £7.95 each, this hand cream is ultra-nourishing and an absolute bargain! Highly recommend.

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