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Welcome to the latest True Health e-newsletter, bringing you the latest news, recipes and product reviews!

Below you will find advice on cleaning up your cosmetics, improving digestion and getting little ones ready for going back to school, plus supplements for summer and to help psoriasis. We also have some delicious healthy recipes from Christine Bailey. Enjoy!

Natural Beauty Guide
The average woman uses 16 different beauty products every single day and when you consider that most beauty and skincare products are packed with chemicals, it’s shocking to think that we are overloading our sensitive more
Probiotics and Digestive Health
Trillions of bacteria live in your gut, forming what is commonly referred to as the gut microbiome. These bacterial cells inhibit every inch of your gastrointestinal tract, which have a major influence on your immune and more
10 Summer Supplements
August, the month when summer is officially in full swing. The sun cream is being blobbed on, you’re out and active, your fruit and vegetable intakes are on the up and you’re looking forward to getting away and more
Heal Psoriasis
August is psoriasis awareness month, focusing on an inflammatory skin disease in which new cells are produced around 10 times faster than normal. These skin cells push up to the surface to form characteristic raised, red more
Back to School
Going back to school, college or university after the holidays can be quite stressful for some children, especially if they are starting a new school, going to nursery for the first time or have impending more


This month's top picks
Salt of the Earth’s best-selling Crystal Classic deodorant has had a makeover!  100% natural, and offering long-lasting, effective protection from body odour without blocking the skin’ more
Specifically formulated for babies and children, ABC from Helios Homeopathy contains three homeopathic remedies, with a long history of traditional use, to relieve minor fevers and earache in children and more
3-in-1 formulation
Lepicol is a 3-in-1 formulation containing gentle fibre, five strains of live bacteria and inulin. The main fibre source within Lepicol is psyllium husk. Psyllium husks are a great fibre supplement as it is able more
Vitamin Sprays
BEST CHOICE® products are a range of popular nutritional and botanical supplements that can be used to naturally help you to feel at more

 Healthy Bites

Nutritionist Christine Bailey shares four of her favourite healthy recipes for you to make at home...

Vegan Banoffee Pie in a Glass
A fabulous vegan dessert based on the traditional favourite banoffee pie but much healthier. Probiotic rich foods like yoghurt and kefir provide beneficial bacteria that aid digestive health, while bananas are a prebiotic supporting gut microbiome diversity.
Apple Sauerkraut
Sweet apples with spices and cabbage makes this a delicious sweet sauerkraut. It’s delicious piled on top of a baked sweet potato or homemade bread, served alongside roast meats or fish or added to salads.


Asian Coconut Broth with Dumplings
A light, healing broth, which makes use of homemade stock and coconut milk. The dumplings can be made with white fish as well as prawns, for a light flavoursome soup.
Mango Turmeric Tarts
Turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory spice and delicious combined with sweet mango flesh and creamy cashew nuts. This raw cheesecake can be made into one large tart or individual tartlets.


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