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Below you will find advice on Christmas gut health, New Year detoxing, winter beauty, how to know if you are getting enough fish oil, and why it is important to choose natural plant-based skincare, plus four low FODMAP recipes from Christine Bailey to help beat abdominal bloating – a very common complaint at this time of the year!

Heal your Gut this Christmas
After the Christmas festivities and overindulgence, we are often left feeling too full with an uncomfortable bloated tummy. Your stomach may feel swollen, sore, uncomfortable or stretched, and may be accompanied more
New Year Detox
Although the liver serves as the main detoxification organ in the body, there are some simple steps you can take to naturally detox and cleanse the body – and it’s an ideal way to kick start your health in the New more
Choose Natural Plant-Based Skincare
When it comes to our skincare, it’s best to choose products based on all-natural, plant-based ingredients – also known as botanicals. A botanical ingredient is an extract or oil derived from plants, flowers, herbs, nuts, seeds, roots more
Winter Beauty Guide
Over time, our skin’s natural defence barrier can become weakened, appearing dull, thin and wrinkled. This is because, starting in our 20s, changes occur in the skin that cause collagen and elastin fibres to more
Are you Getting Enough Fish Oil?
Fish oil provides two long-chain omega-3s called DHA and EPA. These are important for maintaining healthy cell membranes, and have many benefits on the circulation, brain and eyes. They also help to protect against more

This month's top picks
This award winning and rejuvenating Antioxidant Facial Oil contains a blend of 3 rich oils: Rosehip Seed, Cranberry Seed and Sacha Inchi - each with unique qualities to combat the skin-damaging effects of urban living. Light, more
new powerhouse supplEment
for cognitive health!
More often than not in modern day life we are finding ourselves unable to cope with mental fatigue and strained memory caused by ageing and everyday stress. elénzia Enhance has been specifically formulated to help enrich neurological processes and strengthen more
Garden of Life Microbiome Formula Mood+ 50 Billion CFU is a unique doctor formulated probiotic formula made with over 70% organic ingredients. Featuring clinically studied strains to support mood, L. helveticus R0052 and B. more
New Plastic Free Natural Deodorant!
Salt of the Earth’s best-selling Crystal Classic deodorant has had a makeover! 100% natural, and offering long-lasting, effective protection from body odour without blocking the skin’s pores, it is now available in fully recyclable cardboard more

 Banish Bloating

If you’re struggling with ongoing bloating and digestive pain,
you may wish to temporarily try the low FODMAP diet. Try these
delicious low FODMAP recipes from nutritionist Christine Bailey,
author of Beat the Bloat.

Banana Cinnamon Granola

A gluten free crunchy granola sweetened with a little maple syrup and banana. Perfect topped with a dairy free or low lactose yogurt. Make up a batch and store in an airtight container.

A moist dense gluten free chocolate cake. Perfect warm or cold, served with a dairy free or low lactose yoghurt.


Digestive Seed Mix
This is a great seed mixture for improving digestion. Simply eat a tablespoon before or after a meal.
Salmon Niçoise Salad with Herb Caper and Walnut Dressing
This is a delicious protein packed salad full of beneficial omega-3 anti-inflammatory fats. Using walnut oil in the dressing is an easy way to further boost your intake of these healthy fats. This creamy dressing is equally delicious drizzle over any cooked fish or seafood.


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