ULU – A new CBD company to help U love U

ULU – A new CBD company to help U love U


ULU – U love U is a unique new CBD range that promotes positivity and mental wellbeing. Stress is well-known as a silent killer, and to help banish it, ULU has introduced a new selection of high-quality CBD products that are specifically targeted at those who lead hectic, busy and stressful lives.

ULU is a purely herbal supplement made from the hemp plant, which can help you think more clearly, put things in perspective, and sleep soundly at night, while soothing any residual aches and pains. The result? Your problems seem smaller, and you love your life more.

In fact, ULU was born from one of the most stressful environments of all. ULU founder Paul Hembery was working right at the top of international motorsport, where fractions of seconds count. Representing a large multinational, and surrounded by people in similar positions, he saw for himself how stress can affect mental wellbeing and relationships.

This was the start of a journey that culminated in a unique cannabidiol range, relevant to anybody under pressure. ULU and ULU.com have a mission to deliver positivity and strength through a series of initiatives that take in the world of art, music, literature and sport. CBD is only just the beginning.

ULU’s CBD-infused range of oil drops, topicals, e-liquids and capsules are entirely free of THC – that is the psychoactive element in cannabis. A UK company using only pure organic hemp grown in Europe; quality and purity of their products have been proved by independent UK laboratory PhytoVista, so you can know and trust what you’re getting. ULU is a premium CBD product that offers incredible value by giving you more actual CBD per millilitre than most competitors, meaning that it’s purer and more effective.

Register at ULU.com today to take advantage of an incredible half-price offer to celebrate the launch of this unique British company with a remarkable story behind it. But hurry, as this 50% reduction won’t be around for long. Just quote discount code ULU50 once you have signed up to ULU’s mailing list to buy the 5% full spectrum CBD oil drops at half price. Register at: www.ULU.com

ULU are committing to giving 1% of all profits to charity, starting from now. You can find out more details of all the charities they are helping on their newsletter and website.


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