This Month’s Top Picks

This Month’s Top Picks


New Plastic Free Natural Deodorant!
Salt of the Earth’s best-selling Crystal Classic deodorant has had a makeover! 100% natural, and offering long-lasting, effective protection from body odour without blocking the skin’s pores, it is now available in fully recyclable cardboard packaging – perfect for anyone wishing to reduce their plastic use. No white marks on your clothes and approved by the Vegetarian and Vegan Societies. 

Helios ABC for Children
Specifically formulated for babies and children, ABC from Helios Homeopathy contains three homeopathic remedies, with a long history of traditional use, to relieve minor fevers and earache in children and teething in infants and toddlers. Being natural and without any known side effects, ABC is a safe, gentle alternative for the first aid cabinet. The remedy comes in lactose free, sucrose pill form in our easy to use single dose dispenser. Remedies for infants may be dissolved in a little sterile water.

3-in-1 Formulation
Lepicol is a 3-in-1 formulation containing gentle fibre, five strains of live bacteria and inulin. The main fibre source within Lepicol is psyllium husk. Psyllium husks are a great fibre supplement as it is able to normalise stool size by being water retentive and, at the same time, forms a soft gel which eases the stool along the digestive tract and can result in more regular bowel movements.

Best Choice CBD Oil and Vitamin Sprays
Best Choice® products are a range of popular nutritional and botanical supplements that can be used to naturally help you to feel at your best and to maintain good health. Distributed by Rio Health, the range includes many best-selling supplements and nutritional ‘basics’ at affordable prices. The latest addition the range are the Best Choice® vitamin sprays, available in in 9 different varieties including Vitamin D+K2, Co-enzyme Q10 and Vitamin B complex. The range also includes Best Choice® CBD Hemp oil, containing 2.8% CBD and less than 0.05% THC.

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