Salt of the Earth – Pure Armour Explorer Natural Deodorant

Salt of the Earth – Pure Armour Explorer Natural Deodorant

After being, frankly, fed up of traditional deodorants which seem to become less effective the longer you use them for (am I the only one that happens to?), I was intrigued when I was given the new Salt of the Earth Pure Armour Natural Deodorant to try.

Made purely of natural ingredients, including natural oils and botanical extracts, as well as being manufactured in the UK, it ticked a lot of boxes when it came to my moral compass.

The first try was, well, different. Rather than the normal ‘aerosole-y’ feeling of a traditional deodorant, it is wetter spray under the arm. A couple of squirts felt sufficient enough and I looked forward to smelling the results – or lack of(!) – later in the day.

After a stressful day at work I couldn’t believe my eyes, or should I say nose; I was completely fresh. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a particularly sweaty person, but to be greeted by a fresh arm pit after a long a day was such a pleasant surprise.

I’ve now been using it every day for three months and I can safely say I wouldn’t go back to normal aerosols. The biggest compliment I can give it is that I don’t notice it, its subtle fragrance is enough to be pleasant, and it doesn’t matter how tough, stressful, or hot your day has been you’ll always finish the day fresh.

At £5.99 it is pricier than traditional deodorants, but a little does go a long way – a shake of my bottle seems to indicate a fair amount left – despite using daily for three months.

It gets a 10/10 from me. RRP £5.99. Available from independent health food stores nationwide.

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