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Extra Moisturising Eye Drops

Suffer from very dry, irritated, tired eyes? A.Vogel has teamed up with True Heath to offer readers the chance to try their Extra Moisturising Eye Drops. These drops contain double the amount of hyaluronic acid compared to A.Vogel original Eye Drops to give you an extra soothing and longer lasting experience. Suitable for contact lens users and those with sensitive eyes.

*Try it! We have 20 tubes to give away (worth £12.99 each)!

Best Choice
Vitamin D 1000 Oral Spray

Best Choice Vitamin Sprays are perfect for people who struggle with capsules. These sprays come in nine varieties, including various vitamin D formulas, vitamin B, and co-enzyme Q10. We have teamed with True Health to offer five lucky readers our Vitamin D 1000 Oral Spray, a natural vitamin D3 spray for better absorption. Containing 125 doses, it’s easy to take and has a natural apple flavour.

*Win it! We have five bottles available to win (normally £12.99)!

Gluten Free Baking Bundle

Tiana is offering three lucky readers a bundle of gluten free baking goodies, worth £22 each. Each bundle includes: Tiana Fair Trade Organics Gluten Free All Purpose Cassava Flour (500g), Tiana Fair Trade Organics Virgin Coconut Cooking Butter (odourless, 500ml), and Tiana Fair Trade Organics Raw Crystallised Coconut Nectar (250g), a natural sugar alternative.

*Win it! We have three Gluten Free Baking Bundles to give away (worth £22 each)!

Lecithin Granules

Our Lecithin Granules are of the highest quality, contain no additives and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They are guaranteed to be produced from non-GM soya beans, and comprehensive protocols are implemented to ensure that the finished product does not contain any genetically modified DNA. Our Lecithin Granules are expertly produced from non-GM soya beans and are rigorously tested to verify the absence of heavy metals and other impurities.

*Try it! We have 30 250g pots to give away (normally £6.29 each)!

Salt of the Earth
Natural Roll-On Deodorant

Why not try switching your usual antiperspirant for a natural, scented roll-on from Salt of the Earth? Salt of the Earth’s award-winning Melon and Cucumber Natural Roll-On Deodorant comprises 100 percent natural ingredients and provides long-lasting protection from body-odour. Unlike traditional antiperspirants which block the skin’s pores, Salt of the Earth inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria – no synthetic chemicals and no white marks! What’s more, the range is approved by the Vegetarian and Vegan Societies.

*Win it! We have 10 available to win (worth £5.49 each)!


February/March 2019

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