Atlantic Aromatics – Massage Blend No. 29

Atlantic Aromatics – Massage Blend No. 29

‘Atlantic Aromatics massage oils are blended in small batches to ensure freshness, using the finest quality essential oils and cold pressed unrefined sweet almond oil.’

Atlantic Aromatics are one of the leading specialists in the supply of organic essential oils. As well as essential oils, carrier orals and floral waters, they have developed ranges of aromatic massage oils and pure essential oil blends, with their own unique formulations.

I tried one of their Massage Blends, No.29. As soon as I receive any product, I examine the ingredients used – and I have to admit, I was instantly impressed. This massage oil, designed to be used all-year round, features sweet almond oil, calendula oil and pure essentials oils of organic marjoram, organic ginger, organic lavender, spike lavender, organic clary sage, organic black pepper, vertivert, coriander and ho wood.

For testing, I was given a 20ml bottle with a pump application – which I really like as it gives you the exact amount needed whilst being messy-free. It also minimises the chance of dropping or spilling any of the product, unlike glass droppers.

As soon as I pump the product into my hand, I’m hit with the delicious scent of all the Mediterranean herbs and warming spices. The massage oil feels super rich and luxurious, with a nice consistency that makes it easy to massage in. I find a little goes a long way and covers the skin smoothly. My skin instantly feels soft, silky and nourished. Like other massage oils, it doesn’t instantly dissolve in the skin – instead coats the skin beautifully and enables you to enjoy a well-deserved massage. The almond and calendula oil make this blend really moisturising and the different pure essential oils used invigorate and relax the muscles, and I find the scent really awakening.

It’s a truly gorgeous high quality massage oil with all natural herbal ingredients, highly recommend!

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